Our Principals

Ross Lyndon, C.A.

As President of the company, Ross Lyndon brings twenty five years of expertise in real estate investment, finance, development and management to each project he undertakes.  He is creative, energetic and ensures that the details are well looked after. As a leader Ross believes that success comes from the collective effort of many, and strives to direct those talents.

Claire Lyndon, R.C.M.

Esbin’s Vice President of Operations. Claire has been with Esbin for over eight years and is a Registered Condominium Manager. In her role, Claire organizes the work of the building superintendents and outside staff. She deals directly with owners on inspections, major repairs and emergencies. She quarterbacks the budgeting process and oversees all condominium work.

Jay Borkowsky

As a consultant to Esbin Property Management Inc. and its predecessor company, MJR Management, Jay Borkowsky has been an integral part of the Toronto real estate landscape since 1979. Jay uses his past experience as an officer and director of a number of real-estate related companies, to offer sound advice and direction to the company.